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Elevators and escalators are not the kinds of manufactured goods that can be sold forgotten. They are in continuous operation have to be installed by technicians and needs to be maintained at regular interval of time. They are machine systems that need regular and periodic inspection and maintenance service.

It is mandatory for elevator companies to provide these services without which, the product would be incomplete in a sense.

Once you install FEBROL Elevators you can be sure of reliable mobility. FEBROL Elevators is a company committed to safety and quality concerns. We have a team of highly trained and licensed technicians to make your elevator rides safe and sound. Customer satisfaction is our priority.


Our installation team has a track record of churning out quality jobs at a track record of safety built in system. The whole of installation team is dedicated and commanded on a platform hierarchy. The process driven policies are in place which make the whole event a smooth ride. Timely completions and handovers are monitored and root cause analysis is done on a case to case basis for further improvements in the system.



We are associated with some of the prestigious names in the building industry in India and have also done various elevator installation projects which make us a class apart as a reliable source of business partner.